Join our ‘Help 100 Children’ Challenge


Just the one, Mrs Wembley?

Scientists reckon that the human brain can only comprehend numbers to a certain point. For example, if I asked you to imagine 3 bottles of prosecco, you could probably do that without a second thought. Likewise, if you were to think about 1 huge turkey, 12 pigs in blankets, 6 mince pies, 5 perfectly cooked sprouts and 8 freshly wrapped Christmas presents, your brain wouldn’t find it too much of an effort.

What if I asked you to visualise something in a larger quantity, say… one hundred children who are living in poverty? One hundred children who won’t be tearing back the door on an Advent calendar come December 1st. One hundred children who have to listen to their classmates describing the sweets, chocolates and toys they discover in their calendars every morning, unable to join in. That’s a lot harder to visualise, isn’t it?

We’re thrilled to hear about the generous individual donations that people have been making since the Calendars 4 Kids launch last month, but now we’re hoping for something altogether bigger.

That’s why we’ve set up the ‘Help 100 Children’ Challenge.

The challenge is simple, but will make a significant difference to children in YOUR local area. Here’s how it works.

1. Think of any groups you belong to. For example:

• Your place of work;
• Your child’s school or college;
• That lovely baby and toddler group (you know, the one with the decent biscuits  and more than one toy fire engine);
• The book group/choir/computer class/fitness workshop you attend;
• Your neighbours/friends/family;
• The local dog walkers;
• And so on…you get the idea.

2. Tell everyone in the group about the Calendars 4 Kids campaign and challenge them to collectively donate 100 Advent calendars to your local food bank.

• You could even combine the collection with a pre-Christmas event such as wearing a festive jumper, baking (or eating) mince pies or sampling all the new Christmas-flavoured coffees now on sale.

• If you’re inspiring people at work or school to donate, why not set up a friendly competition between departments/Year groups to see who can collect the most calendars. You could even offer a prize (an Advent calendar, for example) for the winners!

3. Contact the team here at Calendars 4 Kids and let us know about your fantastic efforts so we can give you a shout out.


We can’t wait to hear your stories about how you have made a difference to children in your local area this Christmas.


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