Is this happening in your local school?


Teachers have it easy, don’t they? Decent pay, job for life, loads of holidays…

Only kidding! Anyone who has ever met a teacher will be very aware that teaching involves much more than watching thirty kids doing a bit of cutting and sticking between the hours of 9am and 3pm. What you might not realise is that, for some teachers, their financial situation is so dire that they have had to resort to using food banks to feed their families.

In July of this year, the Times Educational Supplement ran a report claiming that teachers are turning to food banks and, just this week, shadow education secretary Angela Rayner has brought this issue into the public domain once again.

Whether you realise it or not, the chances are that you know someone who has used, or considered using, a food bank at some point over the last twelve months. Perhaps it’s one of your neighbours. Maybe it’s one of your work colleagues or a family friend. It could even be one of the members of staff at your child’s school.

food 1
The simple fact is that people need to use food banks, either on a one-off basis or more regularly, for a whole host of reasons. Whatever their individual circumstances, you can bet that it isn’t a decision that they’ve taken lightly and, in many cases, it may be a decision that they have chosen to keep firmly under wraps.

Most parents will do all they can to ease the impact of poverty on their children and will do without so their child can have the food and basic necessities they need. Sadly, items such as Advent calendars become luxuries and something that many children all across the UK will be going without this Christmas.

There are a number of quotes which keep popping up on social media along the lines of ‘Be kind: everyone’s fighting their own battle’. A small action from you – donating just one Advent calendar to your local food bank – could provide a vital piece of armour for a parent battling poverty this Christmas.


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