Soup for dinner!

soup 2

Cooking by candlelight may take slightly longer than using a cooker.

There’s something wonderfully calming about making soup. The repetitive chopping and slicing can be positively therapeutic, particularly if it’s accompanied by soulful music and candlelight. (Ol’ blue eyes was crooning in the background whilst I cooked this morning). There’s also an honesty about soup; the simplest of ingredients coming together to produce soothing sustenance.

Comfort food

After coming in from a torrential downpour this morning, I took to the kitchen to make soup. Weather such as this, combined with the dark mornings and darker nights, calls for comfort food. A bowl of homemade soup – whether served with warm bread, savoury scones or simply a spoon – is certainly a welcome sight for those coming in from the cold after a long day at work or school.

Today I made two great vats of soup, lovingly created from whatever happened to be lurking in the fridge and freezer: one mushroom and thyme; the other vegetable and pasta in a tomato sauce (or BIG soup as it’s known in my family). A bare handful of ingredients required for each, and minimal preparation time and I’m left with a nutritious meal to feed the household several times over.

Small effort, big reward

That’s the beauty of soup: a little effort produces a significant reward. Calendars 4 Kids works on the same principle. Yes, you have to buy an Advent calendar (but, let’s face it, you were going to the shop anyway). And, yes, you have to locate your nearest food bank (nothing that a quick Google search can’t solve). And, admittedly, you do need to actually go to the food bank to make your donation.

But take a minute to reflect on that. There are many families in your local area who will have no choice but to visit a food bank this Christmas, not to donate but to receive. Your simple act of kindness will have a huge impact on a child come December 1st. Surely that’s worth a little effort this festive season.


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