Too soon for Christmas films?


Amongst the multitude of talent shows, the TV listings this weekend included a range of films to get viewers (the younger ones, at least) ready for the next big holiday: Halloween. There were corpse brides and haunted mansions, yet I couldn’t quite embrace the spooky sentiment. Rather, I was curled up in front of the log fire with Nigel Slater’s fabulous new book ‘The Christmas Chronicles’, mentally planning my festive menu and wondering whether or not it was too soon to start watching Christmas films.

A slippery slope

Once the first film (always, ALWAYS ‘The Polar Express’) has been viewed, it’s a slippery slope into the festive season (even if it’s only October), and before you know it we’re gorging ourselves from the big tin of Christmas sweets, listening to Nat King Cole singing ‘The Christmas Song’ and wondering whether the neighbours will complain if we put the tree up in October. Every year, we try to hold off from starting our celebrations too early for fear that it might all just get a bit too much by the time the big day arrives. To date, this has never been the case; even the year when we put our tree up so early that it died before the start of December and had to be replaced!

Starting early

The fact is there are some Christmassy things that can’t be put off until December finally rolls around. Ask anybody who works in retail and they’re bound to have been talking about (and possibly displaying) the Christmas stock since summer. Then there are the hugely talented people in the craft community who will have been busy designing, sourcing and making a wonderful array of festive gifts for several months ready for those early birds who like to have their Christmas shopping finished by September.


Although Advent technically doesn’t start until the first Sunday in December, those of you buying an Advent calendar will undoubtedly have done so in advance. Indeed, there have been countless blog posts and online articles over recent weeks about the ever-increasing range of Advent calendars on the market this year (including our own recent post here).
This year, we’re encouraging people to make their Advent calendar purchases even earlier so that there’s plenty of time to donate one (or more) to your local food bank to ensure that a child in need receives it before December 1st.

What will you be watching?

Please do get in touch. We’d love to know which Christmas film you’re planning to watch first (and when that will be). And, of course, let us know about your Advent calendar donations so we can celebrate your generosity via our pages.


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