Out with the old…

Definitely NOT legal tender.

This week, the British public said a fond farewell to a dear friend. No, we’re not talking about [*spoiler alert*] Liam from GBBO (well, not just about Liam), we are – of course – referring to the round pound coin.

Like many people, I didn’t fully appreciate the wonder of the round pound until the news broke that it was going out of circulation. The round pound was a wonderful coin: all weighty and golden. I still have happy memories of winning on the slot machines at the seaside, listening excitedly to the deafening clatter of ten pound coins dropping into the collection tray. I defy anyone not to feel at least slightly pirate-esque with a pocketful of pound coins.

Undoubtedly, the new, shiny, double-coloured coin is a sight to behold: the showy butterfly to the round pound moth, to use a rather bizarre insect-related analogy. Along with its currency cousins – the giant £2 coin and plastic £5 and £10 notes – the new pound coin looks like it might be a remnant from that time you attempted to play a board game with the family and ended up throwing your money across the living room in rage.

Estimates suggest that round pounds coins to the value of around £450million are still in circulation, despite the deadline of October 15th now having passed. In response, various high street stores, including Tesco, Poundland and Iceland, have stated that they will still accept the coins for a limited period.

Technically, any round pound coins you have lying around should now be worthless, so why not take advantage of the extended deadline to do something really worthwhile?

Simply buy an Advent calendar at one of the participating stores, using any round pounds you’ve been hoarding, and donate it to your local food bank. Don’t forget to get in touch with Calendars 4 Kids so we can celebrate your generosity!



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