Something to Shout About

Fuzzy glow = achieved!

It’s lovely when someone pays you a compliment: they love your new hairdo; your presentation at work inspired them; the cake you baked was delicious, etc. It gives you a fuzzy glow that lasts all day.

Here at Calendars 4 Kids, we’ve been feeling that fuzzy glow as support for our campaign grows and we wanted to take a moment to say thank you.

Via Twitter

Firstly, there are the wonderful people at Coast and County Radio, which broadcasts on DAB from the Yorkshire coast and is available all around the world online. Not only did they tweet their ideas for a fantasy Advent calendar (see our previous blog post) @coastcountydab, they also agreed to give Calendars 4 Kids a shout out over the coming weeks. Here’s hoping their lovely listeners rise to the challenge. Thank you to all at for your support.

Via Email

The second thank you is to Sarah M, a very helpful member of the customer services team at Tesco. She responded promptly to my emails yesterday and passed on an incredibly useful contact list for their Community Champions, based in stores across the UK. Thank you Sarah for your assistance; I shall be contacting the individual stores later today in order to drum up some more support for Calendars 4 Kids.

Via the blog

Since creating our site on Monday, it’s been great to see our stats slowly start to climb as more and more people get on board. It’s also very exciting to see our reach extend beyond the UK, where we’re based. So far, we’ve had views from the USA, the UAE, Germany, Croatia and India. We’re also thrilled to have gained a few followers along the way from fellow bloggers including Messy Mapmaker and Long Distance. It would be FANTASTIC to hear about people supporting the Calendars 4 Kids campaign by donating Advent calendars to food banks in other countries too.

In the future

Finally, here’s an advance thank you for those of you who are yet to spread the word about the Calendars 4 Kids campaign. Please tweet, message or email your friends; chat to the other parents in the playground; share our aim with your colleagues at work. The more people we can reach – whether they’re in the UK or not – the more magic we can spread by following these three simple steps:

1.     Buy an Advent calendar.

2.     Donate it to your local food bank.

3.     Let the Calendars 4 Kids team know.

Who knows, maybe next time, it’ll be your name appearing on our ‘Something to Shout About’ blog.




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