Want to spread some Christmas cheer?

We believe in the magic of Christmas.

We believe that no child should go without an Advent calendar because of their family circumstances.

We believe that – with your help – we can make a difference.

What we do

The Calendars 4 Kids campaign encourages people to show some Christmas spirit by donating Advent calendars to children in need this Christmas.

How you can help

  1. Buy an Advent calendar
  2. Donate it to your local food bank.
  3. Contact Calendars 4 Kids so we can publicly recognise your generosity. Email us at calendars4kids@yahoo.com or send us a tweet @calendars4kids

Want to do more?

Why not organise a Calendars 4 Kids collection? Simply ask your work colleagues/friends/local school to make a combined donation. Don’t forget to tell us about your kindness at calendars4kids@yahoo.com or by tweeting @calendars4kids



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